Janis Creedon

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Administrative Assistant, LPN, CLC

Janis has been a licenced nurse for over 20 years. She has strong military roots and was educated in San Antonio, TX. For nearly twenty years she was a nurse at The Boston VA Health Care System. She has a child with a rare genetic disorder and has recently changed her professional focus to pediatric nursing & advocation. She is honored to be part of NEMF team!

As Nurse Practitioners

We are Medical Providers

Please note, NEMF does NOT bill under YOUR Affordable Care Act (ACA) Lactation Benefit. All claims are processed through the medical insurances of both the Mother and the baby according to your health care plan design.

HMO & EPO policies will require a referral from the mother’s Primary Care Physician as well as the baby’s Pediatrician. Copays, Co-Insurance, and Deductibles may apply to services pending each individual mother and baby insurance policy.

Anna is available by appointment at Middleboro Pediatrics

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