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New England Mothers First (NEMF) is an independent Nurse Practitioner practice specializing in breast feeding medicine problems and infant feeding difficulties. We are insurance contracted medical providers of care for you and your baby. We are experts in solving problematic breast problems related to breastfeeding.

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About Us

We are a small group of nurse practitioners who are committed to helping you and your family as you embark on your infant feeding journey. One of our providers of medical care will be assigned to care for you and your baby. We offer expertise compassionate and individualized care. We work closely with you through the early difficult weeks with the option of problematic follow up through the first year. We will work closely with you and your care team, your Pediatrician and OB Provider.

We are experts

We help breastfeeding mothers & babies…

We are experts in solving problematic breast problems related to breastfeeding. The design of some insurance plans may include home visits throughout the greater Boston region. We are currently available for in Telehealth and in person appointments.

Remember, Mother’s Milk is Nature’s Best Health Plan

Most common breastfeeding mother reasons for an appointment:

Feeding formula for any reason
Not sure how much milk you are making?
Nipple or breast pain
Painful breastfeeding
Latching problems

Separation for any reason
Mother has a medical problem such as
Hypertension, Diabetes, PCOS, Thyroid or Infertility
Low milk volumes in returning back to work
Mother is concerned about effects of
medications during breastfeeding

Most common breastfeeding infant reasons for an appointment:

Drinking formula for any reason
Latching problems
Born with a medical problem such as Cleft
Lip, Palate or Heart Murmur
Jaundice requiring any kind of treatment
Prematurity or near term delivery (35-37

Birth weight is not achieved by 2 weeks
Slow weight gain and falling off the “curve” on
the growth chart
Cries unusually during or after breastfeeding
Always seeming hungry
Tongue and or lip tie

Our services are available for:

Most Massachusetts Health Plans are accepted:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Benefit Administators
  • Wellsense
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  • Health Plans Inc.
  • Mass General Brigham
  • Mass Health, Standard
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • United Health Care

Please note we do not accept the following health plans but our services are available for private pay:

Medicare • TRICARE • BMC/Select

As Nurse Practitioners

We are Medical Providers

Please note, NEMF does NOT bill under YOUR Affordable Care Act (ACA) Lactation Benefit. All claims are processed through the medical insurances of both the Mother and the baby according to your health care plan design.

HMO & EPO policies will require a referral from the mother’s Primary Care Physician as well as the baby’s Pediatrician. Copays, Co-Insurance, and Deductibles may apply to services pending each individual mother and baby insurance policy.

Anna is available by appointment at Middleboro Pediatrics

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